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All Sessions are currently remote real-time Reiki sessions via a digital platform format.


I am currently offering this daily send out to support you as you navigate through whatever is coming up for you during this time of uncertainty and change.


To set this up for you, I would need the following information.



Brief description of what challenge is arising that needs support. (This can be as brief or as detailed as you like)

You can provide specific dates and times if this is relevant to when you need this support.

You can provide details of locations if you are needing to be in a specific place for your support.

This Distant Reiki option does not involve face to face contact via digital platform, as once the Reiki is set up for you it will flow to you.


This experience mirrors an in-person session, whilst using a digital platform to connect the client and practitioner for an in-real-time experience.


The digital Reiki session option provides support throughout your Reiki journey through email, text or phone calls when needed, to help the process of integrating and navigating through the shifts in energy.


Select Session options. This is a paid service.

Single Sessions 

General energy balancing  work or monthly maintenance from block session work.

4 Block Sessions

Targeting and working through specific challenges, areas of growth and change.

Select Digital Platform – choose from Skype Microsoft Teams or Zoom 

Session Duration – 90mins. 25mins approx. client check in/ 45mins Reiki/20mins approx. client reflection. 

Ensure you have adequate Wi-Fi coverage

Client Location – Select a restful space within your home, where you can either sit or lay down on floor or bed and will not be disturbed.

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