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Amisha is organized, professional, and provides a well structured appointment.  When you first meet her it is clear she is a sensitive soul with a huge heart.  She provides a practice of warmth and safety that is felt immediately when you walk through her door.  Her intuition allows deeper clarity to the client on what subject/s to focus on for that session.  She follows up with a non bias review of her findings and is patient to the client's response.  I've left every session with Amisha with a great sense of peace and relaxed. 


For anyone who’s new to and curious about reiki, I highly recommend Amisha. As a newbie, someone who’s open to new and different ideas, but didn’t know much about reiki, I was excited when I met her. Amisha’s passion for reiki is contagious and makes you instantly interested in what it is and how it can help you. At that time, I was struggling with stress and infertility and she offered her help. Going to see Amisha was similar to a weekly therapy session (maybe less stressful). We went through a round of sessions over the span of about two months. She worked her magic, and I always left feeling so much more balanced and optimistic. Amisha’s presence was and is somehow always super supportive and calming. She works at your comfort level, asking how you’re feeling the entire time. I’m so glad I’ve met and worked with such a beautiful person and a consummate professional. Also, happy to report that I’m writing this review as I’m 26 weeks pregnant so just have to believe and be open!


Amisha is truly an angel. Whenever I need support or guidance, her healing hands and prayers are always there. She has a warm, calm presence that creates a safe environment, which I think is crucial in this line of work. I had several regular Reiki sessions with her over the course of a year. Each time felt like a homecoming, getting me closer and closer to the answers I sought to find deep within. She was patient, kind and loving...acting as a partner throughout my journey - learning and sharing with me - as opposed to forcing a teacher/student dynamic. This helped me stay engaged in the process, especially when the energies were physically and emotionally challenging. I, also, ask a lot of questions when processing and she welcomed and encouraged the same. So, if you're looking for a spiritual ally who will hold the utmost respect and sacred space for you to heal, do yourself a favor and connect with Amisha.


Amisha is an amazing spirit inside and out. She made me feel so warm and calm every time I met with her. So much made sense to me after my sessions and I’m so grateful I am able to experience her beautiful energy and guidance. I would absolutely recommend her to everyone.


Amisha is a nurturing, loving, and pure channel for energy healing and healing wisdom. Amisha is the only energy healer I trust to work on me and I have been receiving energy work for many years now. The four session blocks are powerful as they clear mental chaos, emotional resistance, and physical stress from mind, heart, and body when I am traversing through a specifically challenging time in life. Working with Amisha brings transformation on a soul level. What I really enjoy is that sessions combine talking and energy healing. Before the energy work Amisha listens without judgement, reflects back and intuits what I need to hear in the moment. After session, Amisha shares who came into the room (ancestors, angels, allies) as well as any visions she received about my healing journey. Working with Amisha has brought potent and life-changing healing into my life during very intense times of grief, confusion, pain, and depression. I highly recommend her and the four sessions blocks if you want to do the deep work.


I have been working with Amisha for over 3 months now and I think it's safe to say that my life is forever changed.  With her gentle, thoughtful guidance I have moved through several tough life transitions and have gained some valuable insight on how to interact more effectively with the world around me.  I now consider her not only my reiki practitioner, but my trusted friend.  I would not be the person I am today without her support.  Thank you Amisha for all that you do, and for those of you reading this, please book a session with her, you won't regret it. 


 I came away from my reiki healing session feeling energized and revitalized. Amisha genuinely has healing hands and creates a beautiful environment and space to receive such healing. After every session I feel a great sense of alignment within myself. I am really grateful for all her help. Thank you so much Amisha!


When I spoke with Amisha about online Reiki sessions, I asked if she felt comfortable with accepting my death.  My diagnosis was Stage 4, Metastasized, Inoperable, "Terminal" Colon Cancer.  I am grateful that she accepted the journey.  Reiki healing brings me peace, acceptance, and insight, and profound shifts in my body and soul!   There have been miracles!  An emergency surgery removed the "inoperable" mass.  A CT Scan showed no evidence of cancer where it had loomed in the liver and the lymph.  I remain alive, six months and counting.

In our weekly Reiki sessions, Amisha shines with the epitome of Divine devotion, spiritual grace, power, and energy.  Sometimes I cry.  Often, we laugh.  My body feels cleared, heard, and rejuvenated.
Partner sessions with my boyfriend, daughter, and friend have illuminated the connections we share beyond the veil, and have helped the others release their pain, fear, and anxiety around my longevity too.

At the end of each session, Amisha shares the heartfelt and illuminating visions she experienced during the healing, and they are always evolving love and wisdom.  My ongoing time with Amisha is a beautiful, spiritual awakening into the dimensions of existence here, and in worlds to come.


Wow. Absolutely blown away, I had distance reiki with Amisha which at first I wasn't sure how it would all work. The energy and connection was immense. The session helped my work through so much I had stored inside for years. After the sessions I felt lighter, calmer and focused on what I needed to do on my personal growth journey. Thank you for being so amazing Amisha and supporting me on my new awaking journey with your special gifts.


My experience working with Amisha was nothing short of inspiring and transformative. After years of inner work, spiritual awakenings and many dark knights of the soul I had plateaued in my personal development. From my career, my romantic relationship, parenting and friendships were suffering and I had been feeling blocked in nearly every area of my life. 


After 4 sessions, Amisha helped me to clear and release so much that stood in the way of my emotional, physical and spiritual evolution. I left a career I had once loved, reconnected with my faith, developed spiritual practices, sought my souls purpose and reignited my voice with the reassuring, supporting and gracious aid of Amisha. 


I was unsure of what to expect before my first session but I can attest that I was met with warmth, compassion, kindness and a candor that was more professional than I could have imaged. This divine and sacred time was spent partnered with a great ally who is patient, authentic and deeply genuine with every interaction, topic, setback or breakthrough. Where I once felt lost, I now feel an inner reassurance, a deep knowing that I am back on my path. I am truly honored and elated to have been witness to the magic within me being reflected by the magic within Amisha. Many thanks Amisha!”


When I scheduled my first reiki session with Amisha, I expected to experience healing, but what I didn't expect was the spiritual opening and powerful messages of love and light that came through. My insecurities and questions were met with compassion and knowing, and Amisha gave me the space and tools to take a deeper look into myself, peel back layers of my own ego, and begin to acknowledge and live my truth. After four sessions, I feel so much lighter, and so much more aware and aligned with my intuition - and so much more at peace in the day-to-day, knowing I'm exactly where I need to be. Before our first session, Amisha said "let's create magic." And magic is the perfect word for Amisha's work. Amisha's healing energy has been such a gift for me, and I have full confidence that it will be life-changing for anyone who works with her. 


Amisha Glynn has impacted my life in a massive way. I will always be incredibly grateful that I was led to discover her as a resource and healer through the Madrona Apothecary website several months ago.


Amisha's smile and incredibly open nature gave me great reassurance in opening up myself to her completely. She first ensured I was fully comfortable in understanding how she practiced Reiki, why it was healing, and what she would be welcoming in during our sessions, which put my heart and mind at total ease. Through her work and reception during the sessions, I received several incredibly powerful messages that not only explained multiple dreams that had come to me regarding past life experiences, but also provided direction as to my current life, my personal calling, my relationship with many others, and my own spiritual power. I have come away from those sessions empowered to call on Spirit and seek guidance in everything.


As I found the freedom to embrace this spiritual pathway and ground myself fully, I have been brought personal Spirit Guides, healing souls destined to cross my path, and flowing messages in abundance. My confidence and happiness has increased exponentially as I have better learned how to direct and pour out the deep love I have for all of life having found this freedom.


Amisha has been available to me throughout all of the ups and downs - incredibly responsive, very insightful, unbelievably humble, and such a delight to have the privilege' of knowing. Amisha was the first person that listened to me and heard me in a way no other human has ever been able to. Feeling heard spiritually as I have in working with Amisha has given me strength as I go forward, knowing I am not the only one like me, that I can be heard, and that the Spiritual nature I have come from and have been drawn towards throughout whole life is indeed a good and beautiful thing. She is amazing, I would recommend her to everyone and anyone. I truly wish there were many more people like Amisha available to help others as she so hugely helped me. 

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